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ea656018b52297f4714a89a7fad02d84  Welcome to “Scottie Heaven,”  (You found us!) “We put a little piece of Heaven in your life” ™.  To us our Scottie Pups are family members -not dogs.   On our Scottie Heaven website, well you could say: Everything here is Scottie!

  • Someone once asked Anne Morrow Lindberg, (June 22, 1906 – February 7, 2001) how she endured living alone.  She answered, “oh, I’m not alone.  I have a Scottish Terrier.  They are closest to a human being of all dogs.”
  • We agree with Ms Morrow and think this because Scottie’s as a breed seem to intensely learn their adoptive family so precisely, that they can anticipate their every move.   We refer to it as: “Know you, better then you know yourself.”
  • Betty Lasky, (October 11, 1922 – January 7, 2017 – RIP) – Author, Hollywood Historian and Daughter of Legendary Hollywood Pioneer Filmmaker Jesse L. Lasky, (Founder/Presenter/Producer of: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation-Paramount Studios);  Betty having spent many years with our Scotties and described them best:  “Scottie Heaven Scottie’s – They have soul full eyes, not only are they beautiful, they are warm, responsive and most of all Angelical.” 

“Special Dogs for Special People”All our A.K.C. Scottie pups have been hand raised and under constant Veterinarian supervision (along with several health certificates.)   We do everything within our power to make your Scottie buying experience totally positive.  Remember our Scotties are family members – not dogs to us!   Our family members run a little more than usual because of the pre-natal care, natal care and the veterinarian costs. In the long run this allows a Scottie puppy a longer life, you less grief and lower vet costs. The care of a sick and unhealthy puppy can be astronomical, not to mention have in many cases a shorter life span. (Logic: Sadly, some of these Mill puppies only live 4-8 years = Complete Heartache.  Question: If  you bring a Scottie into your home and spend thousands of dollars on food, treats, care, health, toys, vaccinations, and license costs along with hours and hours of love isn’t your investment worth being with a puppy that has an opportunity to live more that 4-8 years = Our Objective.)

  • If you are looking for price rather than health, personality and quality – please, it would be best that you look elsewhere.  Our family members only deserve the very best.
  • If you are interested in a Scottie puppy, (or adult) then you need to complete an application.  EVERYTHING begins with an application(You may be familiar with a famous Chinese proverb:The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” ~Lao Tzu  Our adoption process starts with the first step, a completed:  ANGEL APPLICATION.

sham12 You may submit an adoption application at this time, no deposit required. No application No adoption.

FYI – We are very proud to be a breeder of American Kennel Club Scottish Terriers, (AKC).  The American Kennel Club has hundreds of generations of their dogs on file. Non-A.K.C. registries do not inspect kennels, nor do they maintain generational information provide health care insurance and lost dog locating services. 


  • Photo: Little  ♥“Piper” at 5 months (before her first haircut) is off to a marathon race in the Wine Country of Solvang and areas in the Santa Ynez Valley.  She loves her trips to the grocery store, as well as all the attention she receives from the other shoppers.  A real head turner!

Can you handle being owned by

a smart pure breed Scottish Terrier?

We have many families that have two of our Scottie’s living in their home and a Veterinarian who has three!

In order to adopt or be placed on a waiting list for an A.K.C. Scottie Puppy your first step is to submit a completed application.  (Please don’t call us if you want a Scottie today or if you can’t submit an application.)  If you are truly interested, it is suggested that you follow our simple rules and introduce yourself by completing an application.  Our waiting list has grown very large since we focus on Quality verses Quantity!!! 

You must submit an application to reserve a puppy.  SE HABLA ESPANOL

a07b854746a167b8d2db68d3b00cde76  Artist – Cindi Lynch

“Dog’s are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”  ~Roger Caras

(Both images we own are copyrighted and are in our Scottie Art Collection.)

il_570xN.216252462 Artist – Tod Young

We take pride in supplying home raised A.K.C. Scottie Puppies, {Especially for Special Needs Persons.}  We have a very large number or return customers, thus if you are truly interested in being placed on our CONTACT LIST for future puppies please send a request for an application by using the form on the  ANGEL APPLICATION  or certainly send a request using our E-mail address.

Book – New Adventure: “A Tail of Two Scotties”

ATOTS-Cover-Final-small (Click Image learn more.)


We are accepting Applications.



Look at the intensity of those eyes they watch every move you make, always watching.

Summary:runningscottiedogThe Scottish terrier breed origin was in Scotland is known as the most ancient of any Highland Terrier.  The Scottish terrier was unknown outside Scotland until the 1870s, when Capt. W.W. Mackie brought them to England.  The modern Scottish terrier is the result of J. H. Ludlow’s work breeding these dogs in the late 1800s.  They are curious and playful, muscular and small.  A Scottie can be an excellent companion given the right family.  They have a composed sturdy build. They are extremely loyal and attach themselves to one member of the family.  This is their choice and nothing will change their mind.

Persona:runningscottiedogThe Scottish terrier evokes a strong, bold, dignified posture and temperament.  They do not freely give their devotion and love. Scottie’s will typically observe their surroundings very closely prior to making any decisions. Scottie have been known to closely watch those around them as well as their environment so to react extremely fast.  A Scottie is extremely smart, independent and commanding, thus can be a real challenge to train.

  • Does your Scottish terrier howl, bark, cry, or chew up furniture and pillows whenever you leave the house?  This is commonly known as Separation anxiety – your dog can experience this when you are away from him. (Read the cautions for a Scottie’s first haircut; this is detailed on our “Z to A Grooming” page to learn more.  We also address solutions to “Anxiety” on our, “Bringing A Puppy Home” page.)

Disposition:runningscottiedogA Scottish terrier will travel anywhere as well as do anything. They have a very dominant personality and are known to be territorial.  A Scottish terrier may show aggression to other dogs and cats, it is best to socialize them appropriately at a very early age.  They are also extremely good watchdogs and only bark with good reason.  They are not accepting of unruly, aggressive, rambunctious adults and children. (It is never wise to bring a Scottie into a home, (without learning more) with extremely small children for a number of reasons. Read more about this on our website.)  A Scottie is very concerned with their living environment, and can become upset if things are not kept in order and calm.  A Non-altered male can become dominate and constantly relieve themselves if they become threatened.  (This is referred to as marking their territory.) Never reach for a Scottie while they are eating, this includes an attempt to remove or relocate their food bowl once you have placed it down and they have begun eating from it. (A very nasty bite can occur to your hand or fingers.)

Concerns:runningscottiedogA Scottish terrier will require a brushing two or three times weekly in order to keep their coat tangle free.  They do require proper grooming and trimming to keep their distinctive look every two to three months. (Please read our Z to A Grooming” page.)  The Scottie can be prone to cancer of the bladder and tumors.  The Scottie may suffer from cataracts, hypothyroidism, and Von Willebrand Disease.  This breed is especially sensitive to flees, ticks, ear infections, as well as skin problems due to allergies of soaps & grass.  (Best if you read our Vaccination page.)  (The immune system of a Scottie can be compromised as a puppy thus making them more susceptible to problems.  Picking a concerned Breeder is demonstratively important.  What kinds of prevention’s are they taking.)


  • WARNING:  If your dog is displaying any behavior uncharacteristic of his normal actions, please call your Scottie’s Veterinarian now!!!

Fur:runningscottiedogA Scottish terrier’s coat is coarse with a soft and dense undercoat that provides protection from extreme weather.  The outer hair coat is hard, wiry and grows to approximately 2-3 inches in length.  This breed is considered a low shedder and is hypoallergenic.  The Scottie is black in color, but the coat may also be brindle, gray, sandy, red, silver, & wheaten. (They are never white.) If you like a soft coat use a table spoon of Salmon Oil in your dogs food each day. Expect to pay about $23.00 for a 32oz bottle.) Check out our: “Food for Thought” page.  Never feed your Scottie raw meat. They to not have the ability to digest or kill the micro-organisums that a Wild Animal can. Your Scottie dog is domesticated.

Training:runningscottiedogA Scottish terrier does best with very early socialization training to avoid aggression to other dogs.  This strong independence becomes a training challenge.  A Scottie can also possess traits of stubborn, slow motivation, accuracy, and fairness. It is important to provide positive praise.  Scotties can excel in obedience and agility if you provide proper training.  Teaching your Scottie to sit, lie down, and stay is vital to the training of your new puppy.  Several accepted methods of house training should be employed with your new Scottish terrier puppy.  {Where to sleep, where to eat, and area(s) which are acceptable to relieve themselves should it be necessary.  Crate training is important to adapt your puppy to a confined, and safe environment for various obvious comfort and safety reasons.  Best if you spend some time reading our Bringing A Puppy Home page.}

Physical Exercise:runningscottiedogA Scottish terrier is always ready for travel, adventure and activity.  They will require long walks, stimulation, and play.  They love to play ball and derive great pleasure from playing catch and fetch.  Scottie’s do not do well in extremely HOT climates. They do well in Condo living provided they are exercised appropriately.  They never do well in Apartment living due to the small confined areas and the lack of a yard.  A Scottie will become bored leading to destructive behavior if they do not receive stimulation and exercise.  They may dig, destroy the garden, dig under fences, howl, chew on table legs and bark excessively.

_big_waterodyssey_74248 Socialization is one of the single most important things you can do for your Scottie Puppy. A Scottie remains a puppy demeanor for the first 14 months. Some of our puppies are not adopted out until they are 10-12 months because of advanced training, these are priced accordingly.

Just don’t do it at a community dog park. Dog’s can acquire an infection very easily from being exposed to an un-vaccinated, ill, or sick dog who has visited a dog park. This happens because the grass can become contaminated, and your dog runs in the grass, and transfers it via licking it’s body, feet or even eating the grass.

  • Height:  10 to 12 inches.  (The male will have a larger head then the female. Some traits do very: Head Size, Tail Length, Body Size.)
  • Weight:  Male: 19 to 22; Female: 18 to 21 lbs.  (A Scottie is Over weight if 25lb+.)  This is not healthy, stress on the heart, they become lethargic, and are subject to shorter life spans.
  • Color(s): Black, Wheaten, or Brindle.  (Brindle is a mix of any color w/brown, black, silver, gray, red, & blond.)

“We put a little piece of Heaven in your life” ™
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