Scottie “Angel” Adoption Request

UPDATE:   If you are truly interested in a Scottie “Angel,” (A.K.C. Adoption Request) it is suggested that you complete an application and introduce yourself as soon as possible.  Our waiting list has grown very large since we focus on Quality verses Quantity!!!

(A family tradition of 70+ years.  If we sell you a Scottie, rest assured you will know it’s a Scottie.  We have heard the sad stories of those who purchased a pup non-AKC, and without papers, after several months, discovered they did not have a Scottie.) 

Santa Chopper(Meet little Chopper, now a few month since being in his new home really poses and  he enjoys taking pictures.)

 Questions regarding Price, Match, Ready, & What’s the Rush?

  • Answer – Please, we don’t discuss price until we know who you are, and have a chance to speak with your current Veterinarian and possibly your current Groomer.
  • Answer – It is important for the Scottie that you are a good match.  The Application provides us with a quick assessment of what you might be looking for in a pet, and makes the adoption process move simpler and faster.  This website can be a critical opportunity for you to gain a valuable insight for what you can expect when owned by a Scottie.
  • Answer – A Deposit and being on our Waiting List helps you pre-order what you want.  Being on a waiting list also allows you to prepare your home and family for the arrival of the new puppy ~”family member.”
  • Answer – We do not require a deposit at the time you submit your application. It must be approved and this will take a little time to review it, speak with you, a veterinarian, as well as the groomer which you have chosen.
  • Answer – If you are fixated on price and don’t want to complete an application it is best that you not purchase a Scottie and obtain a puppy from someone other than us. A Scottie is not cheep to own, requires special diet, special grooming, dedication, respect and patience.  If that is a problem, maybe it’s best you acquire a cat!

Be advised that:

  • Special Needs Persons receive priority
  • Return Customers also receive priority


  • Suggestion – Keep an application on file and we will notify you @ the birth of each litter.
  • You will be invited to visit your Scottie puppy while they are growing and still nursing.
  • Answer – If you are looking for price rather than health, personality, linage, and quality, please look elsewhere.  Our dogs run a little more than usual only because of the prenatal care, natal care and the veterinarian costs.
  • Answer – We are very proud to be a breeder of American Kennel Club Scottish Terriers, (AKC).  The American Kennel Club has hundreds of generations of their dogs on file. Non-AK.C. registries do not inspect kennels, nor do they maintain generational information. If you purchase a puppy that is not A.K.C. registered, you are probably supporting a puppy mill.

Application Are Required To Purchase A Scottie:

  • {Two Locations in California, USA – Kings County & Dana Point, One Location in Idaho.}
  • You will still need to complete an application and e-mail it to us, even if you are outside of California.


  • Scottie Heaven – Application 2-14-19 – PDF
  • Scottie Heaven Application 2-14-19 – DOC
  • Ask for St. Peter @ 626.372.6090  (We love to answer your questions so complete an application.)    SE HABLA ESPANOL

    • Puppy shots will be current and almost complete (sometimes complete);
    • Dewclaws  removed (this is done 3rd or 4th day after birth);
    • Official A.K.C. Birth Records on the Sire and the Dam are provided;
    • A.K.C. – (Limited Registration) Documents Provided;
    • Signed DVM – Veterinarian Health Certificate(s) are provided;
    • Shots – All copies of records are provided;
    • Dewormed;
    • Pee Pad Training almost complete;
    • Eating: Dog Food, (Salmon Based); Cooked Fresh Vegetables, (Broccoli, French Cut-String Beans, & Carrots), and Roasted Chicken;  
    • Micro-Chipped, (You should also micro-chip your puppy);
    • Your puppy will be wearing a harness and have a seat-belt for travel in the car;
    • Bathed, (Older Scottie’s are freshly groomed);
    • Nails Clipped;
    • During the lifetime of the Scottie, should you ever decide to surrender the Scottie we will accept it back, (in the event relatives will not inherit we will also accept the Scottie back.)

Additional Issues To Purchase A Scottie Puppy from us:

  • You will need to have a crate and a bowl to pick up your puppy.
  • We will provide you with a current Signed DVM Health Certificate(s), but you will be required to visit your Veterinarian within 24 hour after receiving your Scottie Puppy to obtain and provide us with a 4-6 Signed DVM Health Certificate, dated, and time stamped.
  • You must sign a purchase agreement with us. (This is for a personal pet not for scientific testing or experimental research.)
  • Please – Don’t even ask, we DO NOT ship Scottie’s, (puppies.)
  • A Deposit of $1,200. is required to be submitted once your puppy is born. You will have one week to respond.
  • Firm Pricing – No Exceptions!!!

You should hear from us within 72 hours after submitting your application.

*You may or may not purchase a Scottie from us, but you should read and follow these few details on how to identify a good dog breeder.

How to Identify a Good Dog Breeder

*Look for a breeder who at a minimum:

  1. Has an application in order to adopt a Scottie.  Questions and gives you feedback about your Groomer and Veterinarian.
  2. A Breeder should not breed a female Scottie past 8 years.  There is an increased risk of health conditions, allergies, and life span.  A female Scottie can have only two litters a year and for premium health should only be breed once a year.  If the female is breed more than that the Breeder is creating a health risk for the female and the puppies. “Clearly, the Breeder is in it for the $$ only.”
  3. A male’s sperm count can also lead to health issues in the off spring.
  4. Keeps her dogs in the home and as part of the family–not outside in kennel runs.
  5. Has dogs who appear happy and healthy, are excited to meet new people, and don’t shy away from visitors.
  6. Shows you where the dogs spend most of their time–an area that is clean and well maintained.
  7. Encourages you to spend time with the puppy’s parents–at a minimum, the pup’s mother–when you visit.
  8. Breeds only one or two types of dogs, and is knowledgeable about what is called “breed standards,” (the desired characteristics of the breed in areas such as size, proportion, coat, color and temperament).
  9. Has a strong relationship with a local veterinarian and shows you the records of veterinary visits for the puppies. Explains the puppies’ medical history and what vaccinations your new puppy will need.
  10. Is well versed in the potential genetic problems inherent in the breed–there are specific genetic concerns for every breed–and explains to you what those concerns are. The breeder should have had the puppy’s parents tested, (and should have the results from the parents’ parents) to ensure they are free of those defects, and she should be able to provide you with the documentation for all testing she has done through organizations such as the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, (OFA).
  11. Gives you guidance on caring and training for your puppy and is available for your assistance after you take your puppy home.
  12. Provides references of other families who have purchased puppies from her.
  13. Feeds high quality “premium” brand food.
  14. Doesn’t always have puppies available but rather will keep a list of interested people for the next available litter.
  15. Actively competes with her dogs in conformation trials, (which judge how closely dogs match their “breed standard”), obedience trials, (which judge how well dogs perform specific sets of tasks on command), or tracking and agility trials. Good breeders will also work with local, state, and national clubs that specialize in their specific breeds.
  16. Encourages multiple visits and wants your entire family to meet the puppy before you take your puppy home.
  17. Provides you with a written contract and health guarantee and allows plenty of time for you to read it thoroughly. The breeder should not require that you use a specific veterinarian.
  18. * Provides you with Official Signed A.K.C. Papers to register your dog. If they don’t have this they are hiding something.  (When you make a purchase given the lack of documentation which includes a written agreement you are only asking for problems, increased veterinarian costs and possibly a lower life span to the puppy.  This spells -HEARTACHE- and costs real $dollars$.)
  19. We consider a Breeder who demands complete payment in advance and promises to ship your dog just as untrustworthy as someone who would be willing to purchase a dog in that manner. (Never pay full price in advance of receiving a puppy.)
  20. The puppy should have proof that it has visited a veterinarian at least three times or more before you take possession of the puppy.

In addition to the above criteria, you’ll want a breeder who requires some things of you, too. A reputable breeder doesn’t just sell her puppies to the first interested buyer!

The Breeder should be a fiduciary for the Scottie and require you to:

  1. Request that you explain why you want a dog.
  2. Request that you explain who in the family will be responsible for the pup’s daily care, who will attend training classes, where the dog will spend most of her time, and what “rules” have been decided upon for the puppy–for example, will the dog be allowed on furniture?
  3. Request a veterinary reference if you already have pets or, if you don’t have other pets, she should ask which practices you are considering for your new puppy.
  4. Request proof from your landlord or condominium board, (if you rent or live in a condominium complex) that you are allowed to have companion animals.
  5. Request you sign a contract that you will spay or neuter the dog unless you will be actively involved in showing him or her, (which applies to show-quality dogs only).
  6. Request you sign a contract stating that you will return the dog to the breeder should you be unable to keep the dog at any point in the dog’s life.

FYI – We are very proud to be a breeder of American Kennel Club Scottish Terriers, (AKC).  The American Kennel Club has hundreds of generations of their dogs on file. Non-A.K.C. registries do not inspect kennels, nor do they maintain generational information.

WARNING If you purchase a puppy that is not A.K.C. registered, you are probably supporting a puppy mill. Inexperienced breeders and puppy mill’s will attempt to sell puppies which have their dew claws because of the cost and responsibility of removal. In most cases they were born at home,  have never seen a Veterinarian, may not have a health certificate, (During the natal period our pups receive 4-6 health certificates and you receive copies of all.)  many times selling below $1,700.00, and without a pedigree chart or traceable health lineage. (Sadly, some of these Mill puppies only live 4-8 years = providing plenty of Heartache when sick and vet bill that.) 

If you are looking to adopt a Scottie because you lost a Scottie who lived less than 8 years years – you should first contact the Breeder who you purchased your dog from because the Breeder should stop breeding the Bitch.  (Keep in mind: I certainly would think twice about purchasing a second pup from that Breeder, if they don’t show appreciation that you stayed in touch and informing them about your loss as well they should offer you an adjustment on a second pup.)

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