Scotties: Behind the Gates


HOLLYWOOD – behind the large bushes, tall fences, strong gates and within the palatial estates many a celebrity has been owned by a Scottish Terrier.  Some Scottie’s are not so well known, yet in some instances the celebrity was owned by more than one Scottie at a time, and then again in other instances they were owned by more than one Scottie during their life.  The following are a few Celebrities and their owners – a small collection of names and faces you might recognize.

Bette Davis (Tibby),   Cary Grant (?), Herbert Mundin (?), Dorothy Lamour (Coco or Peanuts), Deborah Kerr (?), Princes Victoria (?), Anita Louise (?).

Betty DavisCarya40ac57361368065c6716e6f25b87ddbHerbert Mundin

DorothyLamourScottiePuppyDeborahKerrPrincess victoriaanita louise

A Few Extra Images (below):

 Humphrey Bogart had more than one at a time (Sluggy seen above and below);




Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce  a.k.a. Sherlock Homes & Dr. Watson



Our very dear friend, Character Actor Booth Colman (IMDB), recalled working with Basil. They toured the country together in a stage production of “The Winslow Boys.”  {Basil also produced the Terrence Rattigan play, portraying Attorney Sir. Robert Morton.} Over the following years Booth would visit Basil at his home during summer months, along the coast in Laguna Beach, California.

(AUTHOR NOTE ~ Basil’s voice having performed as Sherlock Holmes in many movies, (14 feature films) as well as on radio, (220 broadcast times) was extremely recognizable as the man from 221B Baker Street, the one & only Sherlock Holmes.) 

b0a3e21a39bc8fed72b682cf1c59ac2a A funny Scottie Story.

  • Booth: ~ “Basil would travel with his wife Ouida and a Scottie named Watson.  He had a devilish sense of humor.”  Booth recalled, “Many a late night I could hear Basil leave his hotel room to walk his dog before bed.  He’d walk down the hotel corridors, repetitively calling out to his Scottie dog – Watson come here!…  Watson come here!…   (Booth laughs) – This must have been completely unnerving to those trying to sleep in the hotel, especially those who recognized Basil’s voice and were real Sherlock Holmes lovers.”

(AUTHOR NOTE ~ ♥ Booth Colman, March 8, 1923 – December 15, 2014 (RIP). Following a Chinese lunch served with great stories of working in early Hollywood with so many of Hollywood’s notables Booth spent many a wonderful afternoon walking with two of Scottie Heaven’s ScottiesBandit May 31, 2007 – January 3, 2020 (RIP) & ♥ Bullet, October 26, 2006 – December 29, 2013 (RIP).   We miss them all very much.)  (Bandit was an excellent Service Dog.)


BELOW: Basil Rathbone with (Bunty & Cullum.)


BELOW: Jane Mansfield (?); Sylvia Fairbanks and her Terrier, (Bobby), aboard the Hindenburg; Shirley Temple being photographed by (Corkey);  Bette Davis at different times had several Scotties Meg, Tibby & MacTavish (MacTavish seen below) and (Tippy seen above  & Meg); Lana Turner (?); Jane Forman at the piano (?); Ali MacGraw (Amtrack below and Jemima); Ruth Selwyn with Scottie Dog (?); returning to America Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of famed author F. Scott Fitzgerald with the family Scottie (?);  Virgina Gray with her 3 Terriers; Rue McClanahan (Harrod); Hedy Lamarr (?) with her Scottie and mother Gertrude Keisler; Actress/Director Ida Lupino (Edward & ?); Whoopi Goldberg (Otis); Lillian Gish with her West Highland Terrier (?);  television host Ed Sullivan (?); silent screen star Billie Dove with her children (Scotty, Stingy & Lassie); Susan Hayward with her sons (?); Helen Vinson (?); and Constance Cummings (?); Elizabeth Taylor her new puppy (?); Louise Rainer (Johnny); Comedian Bill Cosby gave Carnegie Mellon a Scottish Terrier to serve as the University’s first live mascot (Murray); Ilona Masssey Scottie Dogs (Nick & Goodey); Amy Winehouse (Frank); celebrity Martha Stewart (?); Jeniffer Love Hewitt with her Scottie puppies (?), Deborah Kerr and (?), Clint Eastwood sneaking in with (?) his fox terrier; Duke and Dutchess of Windsor with two of their three Cairns Terriers in 1939 (pictured: Mr Loo & Thalmet); Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock with his Sealyham Terrier, (Mr. Jenkins); David Bowie his Scottie (Duffy); Tatum O’Neal’s beloved Scottish Terrier (Lena); Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky (?); Actress & Comedienne Lucille “Lucy” Désirée Ball and her Scottie (?); Kloun Karandash and (Klyaksa & ?); Actress and Dancer Vera-Ellen (?); Ruth Selwyn (?); Gary Cooper Sealyham (?); William Powell (McTavish); Julie Andrews (a Wheaten named Duffy); Natalie Wood (?); Barbara O’Neil & Louise Rainer (her Scottie Johnny);

33Sylvia Fairbanks and her terrier, Bobby, aboard the Hindenburg.1ef658b006e573d61fe7a362aa14ee34Bette-27702e6270c2c41e40d9113ee85175cf8 55562cf9105220553f7ee58380f52b04Screen-shot-2013-04-01-at-12.44.27-PMJane FromanAli MacGraw34f7b390ee7858eaae3445391c696116cRuth Selwyn with Scottie Dog616634-130406-rev-scottVirginaGrayRue McClanahan and HarrodHeddyLamarr motherGertrudeKeisleref63625cfeefd2e0e6bafca31cde0c5eWhoopi Goldberg pictured with her Scottish terrier Otis2255c08b378dc32682ed4b78ce1baaefSusan Hayward with their sons1ae7303f7b1abdb4fb28a67035beb8ffBILLIE DOVEfirstinstall4Helen-Vinson-dog-33constance-cummings-dogelizabeth taylor and Scottie puppyLuiseRainer -Scottie, Johnny-1935ec3b2bf6221a46f3c4912754eba76e8cIlona Massey -Nick C C C C C Goodeyamy Winehouse - frankScreen-shot-2013-04-01-at-12.58.41-PMJennifer Love HewittDeborahKerr1c282fd59800e9b0f3c5337cecf72199d81bdcbd0ba4abc0d65e337f01ae2b728e94ba264565941565e4ef483676d5e914034812_10154275156714892_1440708841664809680_n36017e4275eccd229ce3d61f4fdc81ac807c6db0a939dd5162a58f93dbc197adALFRED HITCHCOCK31ef2c7f5b4a1263f5e3512f7a8c48c3davidbowie-duffy-1979tatum-oneal-with-her-scottie-lenae907b7ec7698fc6f46a12fafc7d0ae37Scottie dog Joan Crawfordgelatin-silver-print-of-vladimir-vladimirovich-mayakovskylucyball-anabellkloun-karandash-scotti-klyaksai2ve_scotRuth Selwyn with Scottie DogGARY COOPERkennelmurdercase_1933_williampowell_scottydogb41c5b3c81d73be68c7c6bbaad906fffNatalie Wood - THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR (1947)Natalie Wood as Anna Muir behind the scenes, with Cairn Terrierbe962f7438e14169a5c17f7cf5c358f6Barbara O’Neil & Luise Rainer with her ScottieLuise Rainer her dog Johnny 1935

Other notables actors and actresses of the period who are reported to have been own by Scottish Terriers included: Liza Minnelli who was devoted to her Scottie lass (Lilly); Joan Crawford (Puki); Bert Lahr (Barry); Ella Raines (Nugget); Dorothy Lamour (Coco & Peanuts); Charles Boyer (?); Anne Southern (Doonie); Lorraine Day (Butch); Walter Pidgeon (?); Lionel Barrymore (Johnny); John Barrymore (?); Anne Shirley (?).  Betty Hutton’s Scottish Terrier was reported to howl any time she sang; Dustin Hoffman (Sandy); Zsa Zsa Gabor (Miska); Marlo Thomas (?); Jane Wyman & Ronald Regan (Scotch & Soda); Sally Struthers (Bob); Singer/Song Writer Jimmy Buffett (Alice); Nancy Kelley (Scottie); Golfer Amy Alcott (Venus); and legendary pilot, Charles Augustus Lindbergh had two Scottish Terriers (Skean & Bogey) and two West Highland White Terriers (Peter & Pim.)

                        Jock – Disney’s Scottie Dog from Lady & The Tramp, 1955.
Actor Bill Thompson voiced Jock;  Bill was born on July 8, 1913 in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA as William H. Thompson.  He was an actor, known for The AristoCats (1970), Peter Pan (1953), Sleeping Beauty (1959) and Alice in Wonderland (1951).  He was married to Mary Margaret McBride. He died on July 15, 1971 in Los Angeles, California, USA.  He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Radio at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California. (Mary Margaret also was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Radio at 7018 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.)

                             “101 Dalmatians” – Scottie  &  Jock – “Lady & The Tramp”
In the new live action film (2019) Disney has changed with much disapointment Jock from a male character to a female character. Actress Ashley Jensen is the new voice of Jock.

Warner Brothers – Looney Tunes Cartoon –  1941 “Porky’s Pooch”

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 21.21.36Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 21.21.10


A variety of famous authors have been owned by a Scottish Terriers through the years.  Perhaps the most famous is author Rudyard Kipling (Thy) who wrote numerous poems as well as books about dogs and Scottish Terriers in particular.  His most famous is “Thy Servant a Dog” which was illustrated by famed artist Marguerite Kirmse and published in 1930.  The book contains three tales told from the perspective of Boots, son of Kildonan Brogue, champion reserve.  Beatrix Potter (Sandy) is best known as the author of Peter Rabbit but she also loved her Scottish Terrier; E.B. White (?) author of Charlotte’s Web; early playwright Lynn Riggs (Baron); noted New Yorker columnist/playwright/author and poetess Dorothy Parker (Daisy); and composer Stu Erwin had a Scottie named (Stormy Weather).

New Scottie Adventure:
ATOTS-Cover-Final-small (Scottie Heaven’s review soon.)
A funny, heartwarming adventure written and illustrated by a couple of Scottish Terrier lovers, A Tail of Two Scotties tells the story of Piper and Mac, stubborn Scotties who are opposites in many ways. When their human family takes a trip to Grandma’s farm without the dogs, the terriers are none-too-happy about missing out on a visit to their favorite getaway spot.

Managing to escape from their house, Piper and Mac decide to make their way to Grandma’s on their own, encountering a series of dangers on their long journey. And with both of them being leaders rather than followers, this presents the Scotties with some major challenges.

Whether the independent canines can overcome their differences is anyone‘s guess in this fast-moving doggie tail!

595e0edefff820c1e8cde2950d5b298641f46ad5fe4229e0e68839c4fb9781758111c6c9846533cee47ba5c1e24c15810d08daf6bf61207a618ebcadb271eef7 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 ed4776faca6472fa8d1c0a3ddf131872afd4ecc8719c7007537d511caad8718a.jpgee85596c30d6b2b068e11abc92d7c6e2b5e626e3a3ec39eb4118034d6184b2adBookKennelMurderCaseeae7963882c67071332e7ccb9df289f24e4ee933da73140dad44e9d4143e8a571a10506cdf651e8c4750c1dce3c107af1b2890513544f29f69fe8eefb9a6a45d7b235179cb22fdafc44588a0653c820fbff06a8caf6c4cb0b391bc5f429907f3f445443d8177a7aa0d3150b0d001c0babfdf990af658d4edf8854663c9d5e16fe1cadad6934c57935045c2492713bc2e

Scottie Heaven

“We put a little piece of Heaven in your life” ™

At the current time our Angels are learning the art of cloud jumping.

We take pride in supplying home raised A.K.C. Scottie Puppies, (especially for special needs persons.)  Our customer base is word of mouth derived from years of raising unique home raised Scotties as we like to refer to as Special Dogs for Special People.  We do not advertise and do not compete with commercial suppliers of puppies.   A healthy puppy is a happy puppy and the price you save by spending a little more at birth and feeding them will save you a great deal in veterinarian bills during your dogs life.  (If you are looking for price rather than health, personality and quality, please look elsewhere.)  Our dogs run a little more than usual because of the pre-natal care, natal care and the veterinarian costs.

  • If you are interested in being placed on our CONTACT LIST for future puppies send a request for an *Application to this very same E-mail address.
  • Ask for St. Peter @ 626.372.6090
  • When leaving a message you must include your E-mail address, spell it slowly.
  • ALL reservations must be secured with an application by the Second week after we send you a birth notification, and you must submit a DEPOSIT by the Fourth week after our birth notification.  (If you fail to respond for what ever reason, you will have lost your reservation and the deposit will be returned.
  • Puppies will be ready for delivery after the 8th – 9th weeks of birth. (Not a day earlier!)
  • Puppies will have seen the Veterinarian each week after birth and received puppy shots.
  • Puppies will have had their (2) dewclaws removed and will be accompanied with Official A.K.C. Birth Records.
  • Puppies will be simi-paper trained, weened and eating puppy food.
  • (Don’t miss out, we sell out!)

Warning: Our last litter sold out Four weeks after birth, and we continued to receive 60+ requests by the 4 month, following placement.

After more than 65+ years, and 3 generations of family raising Scottish Terriers; the demand for our home raised A.K.C. Scottie Puppies out number our supply.

*Special Needs Persons Receive Priority Consideration

  • Please – Don’t even ask, we do not ship dogs.
  • All Scotties come with A.K.C. Papers so that you can register your puppy.



Visit our “Angel Request” Page &  Ask for an Application to be sent.

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