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(Buddy Sherman – a “9-11” dedicated community service patron from  2001-2005.)

Update:  If you are interested in California A.K.C. Scottish Terrier Breeder; it is suggested that you complete an application and introduce yourself as soon as possible.  Our waiting list has grown very large since we focus on Quality verses Quantity!!

FYI – We are very proud to be a breeder of American Kennel Club Scottish Terriers, (AKC).  The American Kennel Club has hundreds of generations of their dogs on file. Non-A.K.C. registries do not inspect kennels, nor do they maintain generational information.

WARNING – If you purchase a puppy that is not A.K.C. registered, you are probably supporting a puppy mill. Inexperienced breeders and puppy mill’s will attempt to sell puppies which have their dew claws because of the cost and responsibility of removal.  In most cases they were born at home, and have never seen a Veterinarian, and selling at or below  $1,200.00  without a pedigree or traceable health lineage. (Sadly, some of these Mill puppies only live 4-8 years = Heartache.)

Applications Required:

  • Ask for St. Peter @ 626.372.6090 (We love to answer your questions so complete an application.  If you are looking for price rather than health, personality and quality, please look elsewhere.)  Our dogs run a little more than usual because of the pre-natal care, natal care and the veterinarian costs.
    • {Two Locations in California, USA – Kings County & Dana Point}
    • {One Location in Idaho, USA – Sugar City}  You will still need to complete an application and e-mail it to us if you are outside of California.
    • Scottie Heaven – Application 2-14-19
    • Scottie Heaven Application 2-14-19
      • American Kennel Club (A.K.C.) registered litters only.
      • Puppy shots will be current and almost complete, (sometimes complete);
      • Shots if complete may also include Rabies, Distemper, and a flu shot. (If a Rabies shot is administered you will receive an original document so you can license your puppy.)
      • Dewclaws  removed, (this is done 3rd or 4th day after birth);
      • Official A.K.C. Birth Records on the Sire and the Dam, (3 generations);
      • A.K.C. – (Limited Registration) Signed Documents Provided;
      • Signed DVM – Veterinarian Health Certificates, (sometimes 4+ certificates are issued based on the puppies age);
      • Shots – All copies of records provided including copies of the vaccine;
      • Dewormed;
      • Pee Pad Training almost complete, (sometimes complete);
      • Eating: Dog Food, (Salmon Based); Cooked Fresh Vegetables, (Broccoli, French Cut-String Beans, Carrots), and Roasted Chicken;
      • Eating: Hard Cookies, chew sticks, and soft treats, (American made);
      • We Micro-Chip our puppies, (You should also micro-chip your puppy with a second chip);
      • Bathed, (Older Scottie’s are freshly groomed);
      • Nails Clipped;
      • Surprise Package of Goodies, (A good start) including puppy food which the puppy has been consuming so that you have a chance to match his/her diet;
      • We maintain contact and will answer any and all communications;
      • During the lifetime of the Scottie, should you ever decide to surrender the Scottie we will accept it back, (in the event relatives will not inherit we will also accept the Scottie back allowing too place instruction in your Will or Trust.

Additional Issues To Purchase A Puppy:

  • You will need to have a crate and a bowl to pick up your puppy.
  • You will be required to visit your Veterinarian within 24 hour after receiving your puppy to obtain and provide us with a 2nd Signed DVM – Veterinarian Health Certificate, dated, and time stamped.
  • Please – Don’t even ask, we DO NOT ship Scottie’s, (or puppies.)
  • Firm Pricing – No Exceptions!!!
“We put a little piece of Heaven in your life” ™
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