Scottie Distinctive & Dignified


The Scottish Terrier, often called the “Scottie,” is best recognized for its Distinctive profile and hard, wiry, weather-resistant outer coat in a black, brindle or wheaten, (Silver and Red are rare colors.)  Its beard, eyebrows, legs and lower body furnishings are traditionally shaggy.  Like many breeds in the Terrier Group, Scotties are small yet strong and known as fast, alert and playful dogs.  Naturally a “digger” at heart, the Scottie was originally bred to hunt and kill vermin on farms.

Scotties were introduced to America in the 1890’s and continue to remain a common fixture in American households. Scotties thrive as house pets and are gentle, loving members of their families.  Their spirited natures require obedience training, and they need regular exercise (on leash, as the chase instinct is strong).  The Scottie coat requires regular brushing and clipping to maintain the characteristic breed outline.

Presidential History:

News Flash – The Scottish Terrier returns to: The White House ???
(This has been “Top Secret” until now ! The Best of Friends.
Look at that Grooming.  The End of Politically Correctness.


The Scottish Terrier is the only breed of dog that has lived in the White House four times with U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt Jr. owned two Scotties (Jessie, pictured below) and (Allen).  President Franklin D. Roosevelt lived with four Scotties during his political career, (Duffy,  Mr Duffy) and (Fala, pictured below) Eleanor’ Roosevelt‘s Scottie (Maggie).  President Dwight D. Eisenhower  had four Scotties (Skunkie, pictured below).  President George W. Bush had two Scotties (Barney) and (Miss Beazly).  “Barney was by my side during our eight years in the White House.  He never discussed politics and was always a faithful friend.”  It is with these words that President George W. Bush remembered his pal Barney when he died of lymphoma at age 12 in 2013.   (First Lady Mrs. Barbara Bush is shown below in October 2004,  with Miss Beazley.  On Saturday, May 17, 2014, Miss Beazley died after a battle with cancer when she was  nearly 10 years old.)

AUTHOR NOTE: Ronald Regan [when Married to Actress Jane Wyman, 1940-1948, did own two Scottie’s, (Scotch & Soda) but this was prior to being Governor of California 1967 to 1975, and prior to being elected 40th President of the United States January 20, 1981 – January 20, 1989.]

Teddy-RooseveltRooseveltandFallaarticle-2240750-16479DE9000005DC-739_634x856BushandBarneyDIGITAL: LWB: 1415: Presentation of Miss. Beazley.
President Bush75f6b0f25b4482a8ba1095f5a15cf6124

Extra Images:

President Dwight D. Eisenhower is shown with his additional Scotties, (Telek, and below with Caacie and Telek II.)  The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Monument with Fala in Washington DC.

AUTHOR NOTE: The last image is a young Jacqueline Lee Bouvier (Kennedy Onassis), who 28 years before she was a First Lady, (1932) as a child had a Sottish Terrier (Hootchie.)

Eisenhower with his Scottish Terriers in Algeria in 1943imagesnm_fala_070607_ssh499x387fala_reading_true_story_of_fala_from_petesmithshort_1943_sharpfala_true_story_book_cover_1942tumblr_lsekdzOLEc1qlqojoo1_500Fala MonumentROOSEVELT BIE FALA10616371_599883060134774_1121573917008334688_na43a5c956cd30c478aa3ed742b5b8b04BeamScottie_146ce9c448fe2848614548265b843d63987d2b4fdd2f8a1a3baf7116bf46bf000a

Royal History:

King James VI, known to adore the breed, is said to be responsible for the rise in popularity in Scotland during his reign.  King James VI of Scotland loved the Scottish terrier, and his enthusiasm helped to popularize the breed during the 17th century, according to the book “Scottish Terriers.” The only son of Mary, Queen of Scots, James ruled from 1567 to 1625, inheriting the English throne in 1603.  During his reign, he sent six Scottish terriers to France as a gift.220px-King_James_I_of_England_and_VI_of_Scotland_by_John_De_Critz_the_Elder  King James VI      546ebb810fec2831aa9d83dda25793c3  Princes Victoria – Macvictorialaddie.jpg.w180h280  Princes Victoria – Laddie    wmr_aph_n070437_large  George, IV Earl of Dumbarton.

Queen Victoria, also had a favorite Scottie named “Laddie.” The Queen became familiar with the dogs of Scottish lowlands during her frequent travels to her castle in Scotland with her beloved husband Prince Albert.  A dog lover all her life, she fell in love with the dogs of the Scottish moors and added them to her expansive kennels in Scotland and England.  Upon the death of Prince Albert in 1861, the Queen took to seclusion preferring to surround herself with canine companions.  It was at this juncture, the Scottish Terrier like other notable canines of the period became companions of the court, rather than mere barnyard servants.  She raised in her lifetime more than 15 different breeds of canine, notwithstanding Skye Terriers and Scottish Terriers.
Another early aristocrat to be enamored with Scottish Terriers was George, IV Earl of Dumbarton.  George had a famous pack of Scottish Terriers so brave and intrepid they were called the diehard, hence the term we use today. They were the inspiration of the name of his regiment, The Royal Scots, Dumbarton’s “Diehards.”  The Royal Scots, the oldest Infantry Regiment of the Line in the British Army, was formed in 1633 when Sir John Hepburn under a Royal Warrant granted by King Charles I, raised a body of men in Scotland for service in France.  George’s battalion saw action in the late 1800s.

Military History:

LtJimVerinisandStukaWalt Konantz and brother Harold Konantz were both fighter pilots with the USAAF – here they show off Walters beloved Lassiepop-with-stuka

3627a0b7b5e1d92c068962d653b35d07Follow up to Scottie Hero...Lassie IIPilot lassie on wingbff06a8caf6c4cb0b391bc5f429907f3

Mascot in WWII – Across time, superstition has played an important role in keeping the spirits of soldiers high during times of war.  World War II was no exception – particularly for one team of flyboys.  Lead by 24-year-old Captain James Morgan, the B-17 Flying Fortress “MEMPHIS BELLE” was the first heavy bomber in Hitler’s European war theatre to complete 25 combat missions and keep her entire crew alive.  The mascot of this daredevil group of American flyers was of course, a Scottish terrier by the name of (Stuka.)  Upon returning from each mission the wee dog was there waiting for the brave team to return. Walt Konantz and brother Harold Konantz were both fighter pilots with the USAAF – here they show off Walters beloved Lassie

Scottish Terriers in Show History:


Heather Reveller (1930-1941) The dog that had the most sensational show record of any Scottish Terrier ever exhibited in America, according to the New York Times, won best in show multiple times.  As a finalist at Westminster in 1932, Time Magazine said the dog was built like a midget plough horse.  Heather Reveller was owned by mystery writer S.S. Van Dine (real name Willard H. Wright).  Wright’s chauffeur would drive him out to Haworth, from Manhattan, to visit his Schraalenburgh Road kennels.  Eventually Wright decided that breeding the country’s finest Scotties was too expensive and he switched to exotic fish.

“We put a little piece of Heaven in your life” ™


If you are considering purchasing a Scottish Terrier Puppy,

  • Terrier Group; A.K.C. recognized in 1885.
  • Ideal height is 10 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing from 18 to 22 pounds.
  • Fox/vermin hunter.

The image of the Scottish Terrier long ago reached the status of icon, with legions of collectors combing eBay for decades-old collectibles with his distinctive silhouette.  Dignified with his bearded face, harsh black coat and upright tail, The Scottish Terrier is one of the most recognizable of all dog breeds.

But like a Hollywood Star hassles by paparazzi, Scottie temperament is not to be taken lightly.  Terrier fans see the bristling, on-his-toes way the Scottie meets the world and sigh, “Ah, yes, true terrier attitude!”  The rest of us will probably make sure our ankles aren’t anywhere nearby.

A Scottish Terrier will do best with a single adult or couple, but he isn’t the best choice for families with small children.  The Scottie has strong feelings about how things should be, and loud, unpredictable children don’t fit into his master plan. Neither do cats or other small, furry creatures, and it’s not unusual for him to feel less than accepting of other dogs, too.  The trade-off, of course, is that you’ll get all his/her attention.

The Scottish Terrier is not an easy dog to train, (the under statement of the year), but he does like a challenge, so a canine sport like agility might be a great chance for you to develop your relationship, engage his mind and tire him out, all at the same time.  A Scottie is also eligible to compete in A.K.C. Earthdog trials, which might channel his insatiable need to dig and tunnel into an acceptable outlet — and save your flowerbeds.

He’s a fairly high maintenance pet, despite weighing less than 20 pounds.  The Scottie’s coat needs regular brushing and combing to work out dead hair, and should be clipped or professionally groomed every month or so.  (The look of a show Scottie is even harder to get, accomplished through the difficult skill of “hand-stripping” — pulling out the dead hairs a little at a time.)

All the seeming negatives aside, Scottish Terriers are very devoted to their human families, so don’t even think of trying to make him live in the backyard. He’ll bark, dig and suffer — and that won’t be good for either one of you.


How Do Scottie’s Sleep:



Scottie Covers – Products & Magazines

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 FYI – We are very proud to be a breeder of American Kennel Club Scottish Terriers, (AKC).  The American Kennel Club has hundreds of generations of their dogs on file. Non-A.K.C. registries do not inspect kennels, nor do they maintain generational information.


Scottie Heaven

“We put a little piece of Heaven in your life” ™

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