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  • Our Scotties live by routine, which means if we are slow to setting up meals they are very willing to remind us that they are watching the clock, and it is time to get dinner started.  Being punctual creates comfort as well as being responsible and caring for your Scottie’s needs.  They have spent hours learning your routine and they expect you to be consistent to them.
  • Table scraps are never allowed, your Scottie should not be permitted to eat from your plate. It is not the garbage disposal for food from the table. It is not only an embarrassment when guests are visiting to have your Scottie begging, but is a display of poor training and your dog will soon become overweight with major health risks. If your Scottie is +22lb it is overweight. Your Scottie should have been fed prior to breakfast or dinner being served and removed from the room until it shows no interest in meals being served. As “Dear Abby” remarked:  The three rules to resisting temptation –  A proper upbringing, A good set of values, and Witnesses.


  • Breakfast – 7:30 am/8:00 am 
  • Dinner – 4:00 pm/4:30 pm
  1. Fresh Roasted Chicken:  (No Skin, Fat, or Bones) 4-5 oz. we always have 4-5 chickens in our extra refrigerator and more in the freezer. It’s always best to purchase in bulk when items go on sale.
  2. Fresh Vegetables:  This mandatory to maintaining good health (Alternate 2 of the following)  Broccoli, Carrots, French Cut String Beans, White Cauliflower, Green Cauliflower, or Cooked spinach. (These veggies are always purchased in bulk blanched or in large cans, we precook and have them ready in the refrigerator.) A 25 lb. bulk bag of carrots from Smart & Final cots about $8.50 and can be divided down, then cooked down as needed.
  3. Dry Dog Food a mix of 3 kinds:  1/2 a cup only (Less is More – To prevent your Scottie from gaining too much weight never load them up with only dry food.) (We mix a 35 lb bag of Kirkland Nature’s Domain a Salmon & Sweet Potato mixed with a 34 lb bag of Gentle Giants a vegetable blend and Go! Solutions Carnivore Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey + Duck Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food, A 25lb bag, is pricey, it can set you back $75.,  then proportioned for each meal from this mix.)  Gentle Giants dog food is not greasy or oily. It may lack powder (additives) proteins because of it’s vegetable only mix, but this does not bother us because we give them fresh chicken (natural proteins) at every meal. Dry dog food is a vitamin supplement and a stool hardener. It is not the main diet for our Scottie’s. Most health issues are a result of a non-balanced diet. (Follow the link below about Poison – Dog Food  shown below.) We also mix the dry dog food thus reducing the risk of excessive Vitamin D contamination that can occur during manufacturing.  Excessive Vitamin D can kill a dog.
  4. Chicken Broth:  1 oz (every third day), Your Scottie’s stool should not be wet, if it is add fresh cooked brown rice to their diet.  (It is always good to add brown rice to their diet every so often, 4-5 times a month.)  We try to stay away from the white rice because of the higher starch content; always rinse the rice well before cooking.
  5. Dry Dog Food for the Puppies:  When our Scottie’s are very young,  (first 15-20 weeks we substitute Natural Balance for the dry mix and, include Plain Yogurt, Goats Milk, and Cottage Cheese.) Adult dogs also receive Plain Yogurt and Cottage Cheese in their bowls weekly.
  6. 1 large Dog Biscuits:  Each day we give them (A biscuits not a bone)  because this will also help reduce tarter on their teeth. Kirkland sells a Super Premium Biscuit Formula that we like.
  7. Canine Carry Outs – Chicken Flavor:  used for training while walking, (very small portions.) We purchase the larger 25 oz bag because of the better price.
  8. Top Chews – Chicken & Apple Recipe:  This soft and moist treat is used as a before bed treat.  This keeps the stomach acids from pooling and getting a little bile during the night or very early morning.  Our Scotties like to get to bed early 7:30 to 8:pm. They head out side between 10-11 pm for a late night pee. We also let our Scottie’s out between 2:30 to 3:pm early morning for a fast pee or poop; then back to bed and up at 6:30 every morning then outside for run around free time and a good breakfast at 8:am. (We keep this schedule even when traveling.)

All Treats and Dog food is available on-line. (Example – Chewy.com, Amazon.com, & Costco.com) Most times if you order just a little more on-line you get the shipping FREE.

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Warning – We do not recommend the use of uncooked or raw meats.  Your Scottie is not a wild animal living off of fresh kill to survive in the wild and doesn’t have the immune system to digest the living micro-organisms.

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