Scottie Puppies: Bringing A Puppy Home


A New Scottie Puppy – Lot’s to do!

An awesome responsibility, a Scottie Puppy with a mind of it’s own. It’s not a matter of what you want; it’s a matter of what you will be allowed to do.  A Scottie makes the final decision of what you will be allowed to do.  A Scottie is the owner and you are merely the caretaker.  These are the issues you will be faced with as soon as you become an honored “Scottie Adoption Club Member.”

When picking up your Scottie from us we recommend that you bring your crate with you and a bowl so that we can fill it with ice for the ride home. Ice is the preferred libation while traveling in the car. Less spillage and a good way to control the hydration consumption. It’s only water, but its best that your dog have the opportunity to consume the H2o rather than having it spill all over your car while traveling. I use ice while traveling with my Adult Scottie for the very same reasons it’s also not too difficult to find an avid supply in most drink machines along the road. We have found 7-11, Denny’s, and Jack in the Box most accommodating for a little ice for the pups.

When preparing to pick up your pup Gentleman and Ladies it is important not to wear colognes or perfumes when meeting your puppy for the first time. These pungent smells can cause reactions by your puppy especially in an enclosed car without ventilation. We provide every new puppy owner with a special pet seat belt to protect your Scottie while traveling in the car. It helps secure your travel crate and will eventually be used in conjunction with ONLY a body harness, to anchor your family member safely while sitting in the car. (WARNINGNever use the pet seat belt clipped to the collar of a dog, the dog could be choked / crush the wind pipe of the dog should the driver stop fast.)

Remember the environment which you bring you puppy into is considerably different than the one he has been raised in and subtle little changes can be overwhelming in numerous ways.

Socialization is one of the single most important things you can do for your Scottie Puppy.

Just don’t do it at a community dog park. Dog’s can acquire an infection very easily from being exposed to an un-vaccinated, ill, or sick dog who has visited a dog park. This happens because the grass can become contaminated, and your dog runs in the grass, and transfers it via licking it’s body, feet or eating the grass.

Whether you purchase your Scottie from us or not; the following Charts will help you learn some of the basics you will need to know when raising a new puppy:

  • Bringing Your New Dog Home;
  • Harness Awareness;
  • Puppy Crate Training;
  • Scoop that Poop;
  • What’s in your Pets Food; and
  • Lost – Tips on Recovering a Pet.

This page contains numerous charts that you can print and place on a bulletin board or a refrigerator door for quick reference after you have studied them, (print, cut and paste them in a clear plastic page.)   The charts will print larger than they appear on this page.

Bringing Your New Scottie Home can be easy:


 Learn about Major Benefits in various Scottie Harnesses:


 Teaching Your Scottie to walk Politely on a Leash can require time and patience!


 Establish a Scottie Crate Training Schedule:


 Scottie Crate Training 101:


 Scottie can have extreme cases of Separation ANXIETY:


 Five Reasons Scottie Owners Must Scoop that Poop (Dangers) !:


 What’s in your Scottie’s Food?  Don’t feed them Junk.


Think Ahead and Save the

-Traumatic Ordeal of Recovering a Lost Scottie!


Scottie Proofing Your Home:


If you are truly interested we suggest that you complete an application and introduce yourself as soon as possible, our waiting list has grown very large since we focus on Quality verses Quantity!!!

FYI – We are very proud to be a breeder of American Kennel Club Scottish Terriers, (AKC).  The American Kennel Club has hundreds of generations of their dogs on file. Non-A.K.C. registries do not inspect kennels, nor do they maintain generational information.

WARNING – If you purchase a puppy that is not A.K.C. registered, you are probably supporting a puppy mill.  Inexperienced breeders and puppy mill’s will attempt to sell puppies which have their dew claws because of the cost and responsibility of removal. In most cases they were born at home, have never seen a Veterinarian, selling below  $1,700.00  without a pedigree or traceable health lineage. (Sadly, some of these puppies only live 4-8 years.)

Applications Required:

  • Ask for St. Peter @ 626.372.6090

  • Ask for St. Peter @ 626.372.6090
      • Puppy shots will be current and almost complete, (sometimes complete);
      • Dewclaws  removed, (this is done 3rd or 4th day after birth);
      • Official A.K.C. Birth Records on the Sire and the Dam, (3 generations);
      • A.K.C. – (Limited Registration) Signed Documents Provided;
      • Signed DVM – Veterinarian Health Certificate Provided, (sometimes more than 5);
      • Shots – All copies of records provided;
      • Dewormed;
      • Pee Pad Training almost complete, (sometimes complete);
      • Eating: Dog Food, (Salmon Based); Cooked Fresh Vegetables, (Broccoli, French Cut-String Beans, Carrots), and Roasted Chicken;
      • Eating: Hard Cookies, chew sticks, and soft treats, (American made);
      • Micro-Chipped, (You should also micro-chip your puppy);
      • Bathed, (Older dog are freshly groomed);
      • Nails Clipped;
      • Surprise Package of Goodies, (A good start);
      • We maintain contact and will answer any and all communications;

Additional Issues To Purchase A Scottie Puppy from us:

  • You will need to have a crate and a bowl to pick up your puppy.
  • You will be required to visit your Veterinarian within 24 hour after receiving your Scottie Puppy to obtain and provide us with a 2nd Signed DVM – Veterinarian Health Certificate, dated, and time stamped.
  • You must sign a purchase agreement with us. (This is for a personal pet not for scientific testing or research. Your application becomes part of the purchase agreement.)
  • Please – Don’t even ask, we DO NOT ship Scottie’s, (puppies.)
  • Firm Pricing – No Exceptions!!!

You should hear from us within 72 hours after submitting your application.


“We put a little piece of Heaven in your life” ™
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