Scottie “Stud” Celestials


 Scottie’s currently available 4 Stud:

A variety of options are  possible.  We will provide room, board, and meals, (at reasonable rates) for up to a two-week period during which time your female will be evaluated, upon determination that she is in heat she will have up to (7) seven days of private visitation.   Issues and arraignments are individualized, depending on you and your owner’s needs.   St. Peter will discuss these issues as well as the prices when you call. 

An Application is required to be completed prior to any consideration. You must request an application by e-mail directed to us.  Complete the application, scan it and return it as a .PDF

Our Veterinarian can also make arraignments should you request or require an A.I. (Artificial Insemination), during which time all boarding needs will be handled at Veterinarian rates by our Veterinarian.

Celestials are beings native to the celestial plane.  They include Angels, (An Angel is a celestial being serving Heaven.  Michael was the first Angel, followed by Lucifer and Baal.) demons, Relievers, Imps, Gremlins, and Familiars.  Some say that Celestials are descended from ethereal beings, or in fact are ethereal beings with some unique abilities; this theory is not popular in either Heaven or Hell, but is commonly believed in the ethereal Marches.  Celestials generally employ physical forms (called “vessels”) on earth.  These are physically identical to ordinary humans (or whatever they are), but they do gain some supernatural abilities from their Celestial inhabitants.   Celestials themselves, they can do a few supernatural tricks.  Celestials can adopt their Celestial form at any time, albeit with considerable Disturbance if on Earth, and it can move around on any plane.  (Moving between the planes is a bit more complicated.)  Mortals usually find a Celestial form quite hard to see.  On the corporeal plane, Celestials in celestial form can fly and pass right through physical objects.  When a Celestial using a vessel switches to celestial form, their vessel vanishes until they return to it.

“We put a little piece of Heaven in your life” ™
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